Monday, September 3, 2007

Self Massage

If you are like me, you spend a lot of time in front of the computer. This can wreck havoc on the circulations and make you more susceptible to feeling the cold.

At a recent appointment with Davina Toale, a Wellness Consultant, Davinia promised me a few techniques to help me with my legs.

Here is a quick self-massage technique you can do for your legs to liven them up and also warm them up.


Sit on the floor and effleurage (stroke) over your leg from the foot up, then knead the thigh. Effleurage, then pummel front and outside of your thigh.

Massage around your knee with your fingers, using circular pressure. Finish with gentle upward strokes behind your knee.

Lastly, knead your calf muscles with both hands and finish with effleurage.


EFFLEURAGE – simple stroking movement with your fingers leading. (Think of doing breast stroke in a pool) Hands together, then moving them together – up and outwards and then back together again.

BASIC KNEADING – just like kneading dough, place both hands on the leg with the fingers pointing away. Press down with the palm of one hand, grasp and push it towards the other hand. Release the flesh and grasp it with the other hand.

PUMMELLING – Make your hands into loose relaxed fists and bounce the side of your fists lightly on the skin.

Davina Toale can be reached via

Tel: 011 452 4150

Fax: 086 697 1236

Cell: 083 315 8648

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