Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Playful ways to release stress during rugby match

A stress ball is an object that meassure approximately 3 inches in diameter. This is used for the therapeutical treatment of stress. All that one has to do is to repeatedly squeeze with your fingers. The repeated squeezing of the stress ball and maipulating the stress balls apparently gives a feeling of relief from emotional stress and muscular tension. Stress balls may come in the shape of a round ball, but these days they come in a big variety of shapes.

For rugby, there are even rugby shaped stress balls. There are a number of basic colours in rugby stress balls. Colours are white and black rugby stress balls; white and red rugby stress balls; white and blue rugby stress balls; white and red rugby stress balls.

Where you are taking your clients to the Currie Cup for the Tri-nations, rugby shaped stress balls are a fun and inexpensive rugby gift for you and your clients.

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Bokkie Mascot

The South African Rugby Union New Bokkie Mascot has scored its first major successes even though it was only officially launched on Monday.

The animated super hero has become SA's first annimation to go 3D and has taken pride of place on T-shirts and a range of products accross the land.