Monday, March 12, 2012

Go For BPA Free Water Bottles

How many times a day do you use something made from plastic?
I can guarantee that it's more than you think. Plastic has been a part of our lives for over 100 years, and its use continues to grow. In 2002, about 107 billion pounds of plastic were produced in North America. Recently, claims have been made about certain types of plastic being unsafe. Have you ever noticed the number with the arrows surrounding it on your plastic bottles? Many people use these numbers to determine how the product is to be recycled. These numbers are called the plastic packaging resin identification codes. They indicate the type of plastic that the item was made from and are used to help consumers know whether and how the item is to be recycled. Belle Regalo sells a range of BPA Free Drinkware. Many consumer products including promotional products are being manufactured from materials that ate know cacogenics and other harmful elements that can be extremely harmful to your health and our environments. The products listed on our Drinkware page are tested using a chemical testing instrument and the food related products are thoroughly tested by independent laboratories to meet applicable standards.