Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Playful ways to release stress during rugby match

A stress ball is an object that meassure approximately 3 inches in diameter. This is used for the therapeutical treatment of stress. All that one has to do is to repeatedly squeeze with your fingers. The repeated squeezing of the stress ball and maipulating the stress balls apparently gives a feeling of relief from emotional stress and muscular tension. Stress balls may come in the shape of a round ball, but these days they come in a big variety of shapes.

For rugby, there are even rugby shaped stress balls. There are a number of basic colours in rugby stress balls. Colours are white and black rugby stress balls; white and red rugby stress balls; white and blue rugby stress balls; white and red rugby stress balls.

Where you are taking your clients to the Currie Cup for the Tri-nations, rugby shaped stress balls are a fun and inexpensive rugby gift for you and your clients.

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Bokkie Mascot

The South African Rugby Union New Bokkie Mascot has scored its first major successes even though it was only officially launched on Monday.

The animated super hero has become SA's first annimation to go 3D and has taken pride of place on T-shirts and a range of products accross the land.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

FIFA Rapped Over Junk Food

How interesting that for The Beautiful Game the primary sponsors are related to junk food. Soocer athletes are at the peak of thier performance and are icons to many young people. Yet for the World Cup we are faced with the dilema that our children and nation as a whole associate quick fix options to what is actually a long term goal.

But all the blame can not be placed in the fast food outlets and cooldrinks of the world. For where are the healthy options in sponsorships. Perhaps it is rather like the chicken and the egg concept. If the healthy fast foods were more popular, perhaps they would have bigger budgets for sponsorships.

Personally, I can hardly wait to see a Nando's logo next to the FIFA logo. But sadly for the masses, fast food options like MacDonalds are simple cheaper than the healthy options. So what are the alternatives.

Well certainly companies can encourage their staff, by asking canteen staff to prepare healthier options. Why not buy all the staff a sports shirt, soccer shirt or a good old fashionaed golf shirt and start a lunch time execise session. With the Diski, what a fun way to get the heart pumping byt teaching your staff the diski.

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Step your way to Health

If you are 20kg heavier than you were when you were 18 years old, then you have doubled your risk of cancer. A shocking reality!

In January I decided that it was time to work off some of the extra weight I have accumulated during my working career. Sitting at a desk 80% of the day does nothing for the figure, so in January my husband and I started Healthpointe 2.0. This is not some fad diet, where the long term effects have not yet been seen. No this is a tested method of rectifying metabolism that has been around for 30 years.

One of the components is to increase your daily steps by 10 000 steps per day. So if you are concerned about the mental and physical health of your staff, consider getting them pedometers as a gift and encouraging corporate health. Awareness followed by action produces pleasing changes. For those who wish to find a Healthpointe ditributor, contact