Monday, September 19, 2011

World Aids Day Gifts

How is HIV passed on?

HIV can be passed on through infected blood, semen, vaginal fluids or breast milk.

The most common ways HIV is passed on are:

* Sex without a condom with someone living with HIV
* Sharing infected needles, syringes or other injecting drug equipment
* From an HIV-positive mother (to her child) during pregnancy, childbirth or breastfeeding (but with effective treatment and care the risk of transmission can be greatly reduced)

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Rugby World Cup Springbok Fever

It is all Springbok fever after our win against Wales on Sunday 11 September.
When the final whistle sounded, the match statistics were heavily stacked in favour of Wales, but the one that mattered, the final score, was tilted 17-16 in favour of the Springboks, who were somewhat fortuitous victors in their Rugby World Cup opener in Wellington on Sunday.
With time running out, the Boks once again worked their way into Welsh territory where they inched forward by setting up rucks to burn up time and hold onto possession.
The Belle Regalo rugby fans were at the Monte Casino venue for the ABSA Boktown.
At Belle Regalo we are fully supporting the Springboks.

On Fridays as work we wear our Bokday shirts. On Rugby Match days we were our official supporter’s shirts. Of course it would now be as much fun if we did not have our huge South African Flag hats.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

ICC Cricket World Cup Mascot

Like the FIFA World Cup, the ICC Cricket World Cup also has a mascot.

Stumpy is the official mascot for the 2011 Cricket World Cup. He was unveiled at a function in Colombo, Sri Lanka, on Friday, 2 April 2010.

He is a ten year old elephant who is enthusiastic and is determined. Cricket-followers based all over the world were able to participate in a contest to name the mascot.

His personality is encapsulated in his form - he's young and enthusiastic, and bursting at the seams with his love for cricket and his/its heroes! When he's fully grown he hopes to be a giant (in both senses) like the masters of the sport he loves so much. Being young he knows that he can't get it all right the first time or even the tenth, but the cricketers he looks up to have taught him to use his elephant strength and step-by-step determination to reach his goals, and eventually he will be the best.

Sport is best used as symbol and symbolism used in corporate is an idea way to boost productivity and team spirit. So get your staff to wear the Protea Friday Shirt.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Pure Protea Friday Initiative

South Africans are using the legacy of the 2010 Fifa World Cup to show their support for the country's cricket team ahead of this year's Cricket World Cup, which starts in February.

Initiated by the LeadSA campaign, which encourages South Africans to make a difference in their various communities, Pure Protea Fridays take place at the end of every working week.

South Africans are encouraged to mark these days by wearing a Protea's cricket shirt to show their support for the team in the build-up to and during the Cricket World Cup. Pure Protea Friday is now a month into its campaign, although as is the norm a lot of companies only purchase their Friday shirts a few days before the event actually starts.

The 2011 World Cup Proteas Cricket Friday Shirt is made from 100% cotton - support the Proteas on cricket Fridays. The 2011 Proteas Cricket Friday Shirt is highly suitable for Proteas cricket enthusiasts and avid South African sports supporters.
What is great about the Cricket Friday shirt is that it’s pricing is more accessible that those that we available for the FIFA World Cup.

Belle Regalo stocks a wide range of cricket apparel, cricket jerseys, cricket jackets, cricket shirts, cricket caps, cricket scarves, cricket posters and other cricket memorabilia. The range has been put together specifically in honour of the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup.

For those who still don’t know what all the ICC hype is about, here is a brief summary. The 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup will be the tenth Cricket World Cup and will be hosted by three South Asian Test cricket playing countries: India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. It will be Bangladesh's first time co-hosting a Cricket World Cup. The World Cup will use cricket's One Day International format, with fourteen national cricket teams scheduled to compete. The World Cup will take place between February and early April 2011, with the first match to be played on 19 February 2011 with co-hosts India and Bangladesh facing off at the Sher-e-Bangla National Stadium inMirpur, Dhaka. The opening ceremony will be held on 17 February 2011, two days before the start of the tournament, with the final on 2 April 2011 at Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai.

Our range includes: Proteas Cricket Tee, 2011 World Cup Boys Tee Shirt, Proteas Cricket Friday Shirt, Proteas Cricket Friday Shirt – KIDS and Proteas Tee Green.
Football Fridays brought about such amazing spirit . Let’scontinue with that same spirit and pride in our country with Protea Fridays. Football Fridays brought about such amazing spirit – I hope we can continue with that same spirit and pride in our country with Protea Fridays.

We encourage you to plan ahead so that you can get your Protea Friday branded in time for the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup opening match or at the very least the first South African match.

Good Luck Proteas!

Friday, February 11, 2011

ICC Cricket Gifts

Cricket is one of the widely followed sports and is a single major sport in many Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh in Britain as well as South Africa. People in this part of the world are crazy about the game of cricket and their cricketing heroes.

The ICC Cricket World Cup, generally referred to as the Cricket World Cup, is the premier international championship of men's One-day International (ODI) cricket. The event is organised by the sport's governing body, the International Cricket Council (ICC), with preliminary qualification rounds leading up to a finals tournament which is held every four years.

According to the ICC, it is the most important tournament and the pinnacle of achievement in the sport. This makes it a great event for corporate gifts as cricket gifts are a well sort after item.

Belle Regalo sells a wide variety of Cricket related gifts. Unlike with the FIFA World Cup, the ICC gifts have a lot more flexibility. Many of the Cricket shirts and the Friday shirts may be co-branded.

Our cricket gift range includes ICC Cricket Caps, 2011 World Cup Peaks, Sports Cushions (which can be branded with your company logo), the 2011 World Cup Fielding Hat, the Proteas Cricket Tee, Proteas Tee Green, Proteas Cricket Friday Shirt, Cricket Ball Key Ring, Cricket Hats as cricket gifts, Waving Flags as cricket as cricket gifts, Cricket Bat & Ball Key, Cricket Bat & Ball Rulers. Of course you can almost anything as a cricket gifts as long as it is handed out at the appropriate time and is useful while watching a match.

Build in some spirit by getting your staff together for a match evening. You can even start an action cricket team to continue with the momentum and build up team spirit.

If you have a pub night, then ask your staff to wear their branded Friday shirts to the pub night.

The First South African ICC match is on: Thu 24 February with a South Africa vs. West Indies match. Followed by Sun 06 March: England vs. South Africa, Sat 12 March: India vs. South Africa, Tue 15 March: South Africa vs. Ireland and Sat 19 March: Bangladesh vs. South Africa.

The Quarter Final will start on Wed 23 March with the finals being on Sat 02 April.
So take advantage of this great sporting event to get your company’s staff moral up for 2011.