Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How to choose a Sports Bag as a Corporate Gifts

I am not much of a sports enthusiast. But I am a mom who has a daughter who has so many activities that it makes
one’s head spin. Sports Bags make terrific corporate gifts. There are a couple of things that we look for when choosing which bag to use. One criterion for sports bags is definitely size. On ballet day the items taken are light weight and small. Ballet shoes, leotards etc can fit in almost anywhere. However, one has to consider that you have to have somewhere to put the clothes that she was wearing before she got changed. The bag may fit a pair of ballet shoes easily. But fitting a bulky pair of shoes is a different matter. On horse riding days, we have to fit in riding boots, jodhpurs, gaiters, shirt and riding helmet. That means that we need a lot more space as a riding helmet takes up more space in the sports bag. Put into perspective for corporate gifts, this means that each year you can hand out a different size sports bag as a corporate gift. Another criterion for Sports bags as a corporate gift is if there are wet and dry compartments. On swimming days there are wet towels , so a double Decker bag where you cab separate dirty shoes or wet towels from everything else is very handy. A third criterion is how the sports bag is carried. If you are giving bags to cyclists, then you definitely would consider a backpack as a corporate gift as this is the most practical type of bag for s a cyclist. Lastly we look at whether the bag has compartment for a water bottle. Bags that have side pouches make excellent corporate gifts if you want to include a branded water bottle. Be sure give out BPA free water bottles as corporate gifts. For more info on corporate gifts, please visit www.belleregalo.co.za and to view our Indetruktible range of bags please visit: http://belleregalo.bcgshop.co.za/Products/Indestruktible.aspx or e-mail us on info@belleregalo.co.za


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